Operation Gifting

Operation Gifting is an opportunity for everyone to be able to say “thank you” “We appreciate your efforts” “take care” or whatever message you want to convey to people on the front lines. This is also a wonderful way to communicate thanks and appreciation to your employees who are working from home!

Baskets full of Joy has predesigned several options for this purpose. Gifts are designed to be very cost effective and easily delivered or shipped. Please give us a call today. 405-206-2160.

  • Decide who the recipient (s) will be
  • If being sent to a hospital, clinic, medical facility or doctor’s office, police, fire stations or EMSA facilities you will need to call that facility to be sure they will accept a delivery of prepackaged foods
  • Be sure to have the name of the recipient, along with the mailing address. Deliveries to the above will be mailed via USPS. We will make every effort to not charge more than $12.50 for mailing*
  • Larger boxes are available to serve more than 8 people*
  • A flat fee of $17.50 will be charged for home deliveries to north OKC and Edmond
  • We sanitize our work areas 2/times daily and wear glove as appropriate. Home deliveries will be placed in a plastic bag and left on front porches.
  • Please give us a call today. 405-206-2160.

* Shipping charges may need to be adjusted.